How to Build a Store




Welcome to Zenzart

Our mission is simple - make it as easy as possible for artists to sell their work.
 You pour your heart into your art and we know how difficult it can be to find the right buyer. You shouldn't have to chase customers in person from art fair to art fair when you can reach millions online for a fraction of the price. We aim to create a community for artists and their patrons, where people looking to sell or buy art can come interact with each other. A platform that has the intimacy of a booth at an art show with the reach of the most popular social media networks in the world.
Whether you're new to selling your art online or want a different experience from the other online art marketplaces, we at Zenzart will do everything in our power to help you meet your goals. We will be a resource at your disposal helping with anything from organizing your inventory to marketing your shop, our personalized hands-on approach will assure you're getting the service you deserve.